Thursday, June 25, 2009

Los Pinchos

Okay. Before you go here, you gotta know a few things

  1. The place is tiny. (on 20th, 1/2 block N of Hollywood Blvd)
  2. The bathroom is even smaller (think airplane bathrooms...)
  3. There is no AC. Again: NO AC! Once more: SOUTH FLORIDA. SUMMER. NO AC.
  4. If you dine-in, you will smell like Colombian food for the rest of the day and a solid portion of the following day too...

Those things aside, the place is pretty cool. More importantly, they have $6.50 lunch specials which include: soup, 1 meat, 1 rice, 2 sides and a soda. It is alot of food and it is good.

I got the grilled chicken with congri(mixed rice and black beans), salad, and tostones(fried green plantains) + chicken veggie soup($6.50!!). While the food a good and cheap, there is nothing terribly outstanding about the place. According to the people who work there, the place is popular during the wee hours when people need to soak up debauchery with some greasy grub, or on V-day when you can't get a table anywhere else(right Jorge?)

Two recommendations if you go 1) Ask for the hot sauce (its a homemade green mixture) 2) Mid-day South Florida + no ac+hot soup +car w/ broken AC = go some other day


Very cute mom&pop run sandwich shop on Hollywood blvd just west of the train tracks. It's not on the cute part of town but it is alot nicer on the inside than the outside. We went there twice this week and the place was full of locals. I got really excited because they had a Herald article for Best Sub. Upon closer look, the article was from 1999... Nonetheless, the employees are really nice and the food is good, fresh, and cheap.

Things the three of us tried that week:

  • Meatball Sub - David got a 12' and ate the whole thing(it was probably enough to feed a family...
  • Turkey Caesar - only gripe is that they use those gross little croutons from the supermarket....
  • Chicken Salad Sub - Jorge got that one, it looked homemade and delicious
  • Lime popsicle - it was only 70 calories!


I thought I would start a blog for restaurants around some of the places I have worked and South Florida overall. I'm not a writer so its going to be mainly pictures, some menus and elementary sentences(or sentence fragments).

First couple of posts are going to be backtracking some spots that I have really enjoyed in the recent past.