Thursday, June 25, 2009


Very cute mom&pop run sandwich shop on Hollywood blvd just west of the train tracks. It's not on the cute part of town but it is alot nicer on the inside than the outside. We went there twice this week and the place was full of locals. I got really excited because they had a Herald article for Best Sub. Upon closer look, the article was from 1999... Nonetheless, the employees are really nice and the food is good, fresh, and cheap.

Things the three of us tried that week:

  • Meatball Sub - David got a 12' and ate the whole thing(it was probably enough to feed a family...
  • Turkey Caesar - only gripe is that they use those gross little croutons from the supermarket....
  • Chicken Salad Sub - Jorge got that one, it looked homemade and delicious
  • Lime popsicle - it was only 70 calories!

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