Thursday, July 2, 2009

Completely Obsessed

I am completely and absolutely lovesick with Trader Joe's. It look 1 flight to NY, 1 hour wait, 20 min bus ride, 20 min walk to get there, but it was totally worth it!!!!!!!!

Part of me is kinda frightened by how cheap everything is even normal non TJ brand stuff is cheaper than other places! How is that possible?!!

Thankfully, that part of me is vastly dominated by the other side of me that worships Trader Joe's and their amazing products.

So my stash for the week....

Sesame Honey Almonds - so delicious. I can't stop eating them. The sesame seeds add a really great flavor. 1lb bag for $4.99!!

Chili and Lime Mixed Nuts - These really caught me attention because they have whole kaffir lime leaves, whole chilies and whole lemongrass!! No powdered seasonings here!! They are really really great. Taste like Tom Yum but not fishy. Warning: SPICY!!! OMG!!! WHOLE CHILIES!!

Tom Yum Cashews - These are definitely different from anything have had before. First of all, anything that says "chewy crisp" has got my attention. The cashews are kind of mushy-not in a bad way but similar to the texture of roasted chestnuts. They taste similar to the Chili and Lime Mixed nuts but they are not as spicy, a bit sweeter and slightly fishy(as these do have fish sauce-non vegan!) Pretty damn good for $.99 a bag- I LOVE TRADER JOE'S!!!!

Freeze Dried Mangosteen - These taste like "lucky charm marshmallows"(says some lucky chap that happened to be near me when I popped open the bag). The actual fruit part is really airy and they get crushed easily- careful or else next thing you know you have white mangosteen powder all over the place... The cool thing is that the seed is also freeze dried, and in the process somehow turn into a crunchy nut thing. Crazy good. Been craving these since last year.

Lightly Sweetened Dried Pomelo - POMELO!! (kinda like a grapefruit but no bitterness). Slightly too sweet for my taste, but the tartness of the pomelo really cuts through the sugar. really great- wish they had a chocolate covered version.....

I got some other stuff(freeze dried blueberries, rice and bean chips, green tea mints, chili mango, etc) but they are not as exciting. COME TO FLORIDA TJ!!

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