Monday, July 13, 2009

Las Carnitas

All this talk about Hondoras makes me want a pupusa...Las Carnitas is a little spot across the street from my old apt in Davie. The area isn't excatly high class but the food is great and the service is nice. We got some weird looks but I think its because I was overdressed in a cotton qi boa...
First thing you get after the strange stare downs is a basket of homemade tortilla chips with hot tomato sauce(freee-yea!)

The vegan dishes for the night was a corn thing filled with beans($2) and a breakfast platter($4.50) with beans, yuca, and avo. The beans were absolutely amazing, they taste like they were slow cooked for hours.

The restaurant makes their own tortillas. These are real corn tortillas, thick and hearty. I also ordered the pupusa mixta($2.50) which was filled with beans and bits of fried pork skin and oozing with melted cheese. Top it off with some slaw and hot pickles, and you got a real treat(I'm drooling as I am remembering how delicious it was....)

I also ordered the soup of the day($4), which happened to be beef(they have crab w/ coconut milk, or conch soup on the weekends!). This is the type of soup that you get from grandma's kitchen, its rich and flavorful. Flavor from all the veggies not MSG or bouillon. The soup has a melange of root veggies-potato, yuca, carrot- as well as corn and green plantains and giant chunks of beef. Great flavor and even better with a squirt of lime juice.

Highly recommended, especially since the entire meal + 2 drinks was less than $18.

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