Saturday, October 2, 2010

Latin Burger

*Pics to come* As soon as I figure out how to upload from iPhone...

I suppose I'm going along with this whole food truck hype. Got a few posts coming up about them since I was finally able to hunt them down during my staycation(it was a desparate effort since I missed the food truck fest at the arsht. I even had to join twitter)

Anyhoo, on to Latin Burger. Armed with my iPhone, my co-worker Christine and I were on the move. Christine: you are so kick ass, but damn I thought I was going to die in your car... 5 separate times in a span of 3 miles... You got us there tho! safe and kinda sound

I didn't really notice how hot it was outside cuz I was in my little world of foodie happiness and excitement, but once we order and were just waiting around... it really hit me, i was melting.

The food was great, although the drive and wait took a bit longer than i anticipated. Christine got the burger beast(chorizo, chuck and sirloin burger, oaxaca cheese, caramelized onions & jalapenos w special avocado sauce and dressed with pulled pork) and I got the chicken tomatillo taco and the pulled pork taco.

The burger dripping with delicious-ness(aka cheese). Juicy and flavorful on a nice bun. Sound pretty perfect to me. I can't describe anymore. just look at the picture and drool.

I loved the chicken tomatillo tacos. Simple, but amazing. The cilantro is a nice finish(I love cilantro tho). The pulled pork taco was good, but a bit greasy. They were close to pastor tacos but didn't have the same cohesion.

Oh btw, get the fries.