Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mystery spot

X marks the spot; well in this case a star. I'll help you out and post the deluxe map.

Here's a few hints:

1) It starts with a left turn from Davie blvd
2) There are adirondack chairs in front of the restaurant
3) Look for the 'non dead end' road when you are turning from 15th.

Good luck and let me know how you like it!!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Cuisine Creole in North Miami

This place is stetchy, even in my terms; that should tell you something since I love to curb crawl down home ethnic places. Located right on 6 ave in North Miami, Cuisine Creole sits across from the apts where a few murders hav occurred (no lie.). Nonetheless, I brave on, in the middle of the night, in search for tassot cabrit (fried goat) or other palate pleasers. This place claims to have the best tassot cabrit in town. Sadly, they were out. Darn. So I ended up with the spinach (epinard) stewed with what I can only surmise as goat instead.

I have had Haitian
food a few times in very random settings. Once was late night at a 'church fair' in North Miami (there was a ton of cops around and I was pretty freaked out), they had the church ladies cook so I would imagine it to be pretty legit; had the griot that time. Another was AYs neighbor's daughter's graduation (I said random right?), this was the motherlode; all homemade, all amazing.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mi peru

Many thanks to Mars for introducing me to this place. Great place w incredibly horrible music (it's been bad every time we come here). The food will outweigh anything negative. Quick waiters will bring you hot rolls w the green spicy sauce while you ponder the menu.

There's lots of cool stuff on the menu like grilled veal hearts (?!) & tiger milk but if it's your first time here, get the ceviche mixto, Peruvian corn, ocopa, and jalea.

The cerviche is classic; basic but perfection. Tender chunks of fish, squid, octopus marinated in lime juice and served w sweet potato, yuca and friend corn. Loads of onions on top- eat them they are important to the dish.

The Peruvian corn is amazing; very starchy and GIANT. The flavor and consistency is completely unlike the normal sweet corn. Must try. Why do we only have 1 variety of corn at the supermarkets?!

We didn't get the jalea this time but it's great. Their fried yuca is excellent; creamy inside and crispy ouside- light and airy, none of that super greasy heaviness. Will update as we come back.

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Friday, August 12, 2011


Woodlands again... At last! We have been opting for udipi down the road since it's closer. Both places offer terrific vegetarian Indian cuisine although udipi seems to focus more on the south where woodlands touches on both.

We got the iddly manchurian as an app as well as a rasam soup and some papadams w mango chutney. The iddly was crispy and smothered in a Chinese style soy glaze. The texture was somewhere between fried tofu and polenta. Very good and a unique texture experience- almost meat like.

My soup was good as well; a sour and spicy broth. I have a hard time distingushing the flavor components in Indian dishes so I'm at a loss for words. Although the soup was nothing special (I have high soup standards).

Papadams and chutney was perfect as a starter. The light and airy papadams were not oily at all; dusted with some sort of spice powder.

For my main course, I got the Bagala bhath; it's a yogurt rice with cucumbers and mustard seeds. Surprisingly, it was served cold/room tempurature almost like a savory tapioca pudding. It had similar flavors as a raita; but dense with basmati rice. The rice seemed to be broken or crushed; and the spices were mild but worth noting. Cilantro and large dried chile peppers topped it off(not a spicy dish by any means). Highly recommend! Came with a papadam, a sour mango pickle and yogurt sauce(didn't know what to do with it). Again, very good and different!

The vegan voice got the coconut uthappam, an Indian pancake. Similar to the korean pancake in the sense that they both seemed tapioca/rice flour based. Chewy, springy pancake was served with sambar, coconut chutney and a spicy coconut chutney. Very good as well.

"the crepe itself was definitely coconuty alone but with the chutney/sambar the dish is filled with coconut flavor. "

Everything and drinks came to $30!! What a deal! Better yet, come by for their lunch buffet. Amazing! (even better after a long run to reload!)
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Las carnitas

I used to love this place but had a few bad experiences recently. They used to be quick and delish and always offered some freebies (soup, Honduran chips/sauce) but I came by today to wait about 30 minutes for a takeout order. Actually I'm still waiting. 30 minutes of being ignored. Folks around (odd select few) received snacks as they waited. I didn't. I didn't get any salsas either. Disappointed doesn't begin to express how I feel right now. See my previous post for the good old days. Yes they have a good lunch special but make sure you have some time to spare. Not sure if I will go back for anything other than the soups.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Greenhouse groumet

This place is tough to find for a number of reasons. 1) there is no visable sign from the street 2) parking lot is behind the place so you'll probably have to do at least 1 u-turn 3) the front entrance was closed 4) after you find it, you have to walk through a store and up a staircase. Good luck! Here's a hint: It's right behind the costume shop.

You get a complimentry basket of carrots and hummus(tastes like an almond/yam blend). We had got the soup sampler:
Roasted butternut squash and pear has a ton of curry flavor. Can't really taste pear but yummy nonetheless.

Cream of Tomato has roasted flavor; sweet and herby. Nice soup.

Sweet and sour cabbage just like the name. I liked this one alot but I love sour soups.

We also got the spaghetti and "meatballs". This dish was 100% raw and more like a salad than spaghetti. The pasta was actually strands of yellow squash. Very nice if you're looking for a salad. This is a huge portion; we had to take the stirfry to go.

The stirfry was very good. The orange cuts across beautifully. The "pork" is a veggie version which is good but doesn't really taste like pork. Great lunch and didn't get really sleepy!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I came here with my parents (who decided to stop by for a surprise visit...ugh) to celebrate my dad getting his full professorship(!).
The place had decent reviews but really could use some updates. They had curtains to separate the tables so you get some privacy.
We ordered soft shell crabs, which they then told us no longer served. Blah. Sucks. Screw that then. So for our main meal we got the special combo BBQ for two; which was cooked at the table and a kimchee soup.

As always, we got the starter dishes; all veg, best one was the potatos. Per my dad, "this doesn't taste too awful". That's actually the highest compliment he can give, so not bad. They were good but nothing amazing; I've had better at other Korean spots in the 954.

The biggest disappointment was the BBQ. We got the combo for 2 and it was small and way over priced at $36. My dad doesn't eat that much and I had a headache so I was out for the count but we still finished all of it. Definitely not enough for a normal set of 2 adults or me on a normal day.

It came with shrimp, chicken, beef and mushrooms. The chicken was bland but had nice grilled flavor (I would hope!). My shrimp was a little under cooked when the waitress served it (they cook it for you). The beef was good. Really good. Too bad you only get like one mouthful.

Kimchee soup is one of my fave soups and they did a great job. Spicy, sour, cabbagy. Yum. If you go order off the menu. They recently changed management so maybe that's the disparity. There's better Korean spots in my opinion... Which I will blog about soon.

Also weird, you get a dentist cup of apple juice at the end. Why?

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Location:Oakland park

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Truck off

I'm an accountant by nature so I'm pretty logical.

I tried 5 things at The Lime Truck and 2 things at Hodge Podge. By far my favorite dish was the Tartare, but I don't know if it's even fair to compare that since I think it's almost impossible to serve that for $15 and still make a profit. If it's a competition and that profit doesn't matter then hands down Hodge Podge purely for that dish.
I wasn't impressed by the tator tots and I think the Lime Truck is much more realistic on day to day basis. I think the only way to really figure it out is to go back tomorrow and try more. Ted says "this was a truly memorable experience, I'm going to tell my kids about this night"

Hodge Podge

Well.. this the continuation of The Lime Truck Dinner blog. So we finished eating the Lime Truck Food and the trucks were on the move again. Hodge Podge was suppose to be headed to La Moon (ugh, don't get me started; I like the food but had a few iffy experiences) down the street...with a full police escort. Pretty amusing to watch this go on, especially considering the area. So we left a few minutes after them, passed them driving down the street and came to a full stop because we weren't going to lose sight of this truck. So we pulled into the street by that really ghetto McDonalds on 29th and 8th and Hodge Podge is actually parked on Calle Ocho facing the wrong way on a one way. Just to set up the scene here, this is a pretty tore up block. As we were crossing the street, we were overcome by the most rank garbage water smell ever; I mean it was disgusting. We ran across the street frogger style because we couldn't handle the smell any more. Why am I writing this? Because I had one of the best dishes ever while sitting on a sidewalk there. Oh the irony.

The Lime Truck (Dinner)

Later on the same day, I went back to the food truck with Ted Z.; this is when I actually planned to go. We got lucky and both were in front of Versailles on Calle Ocho!! When we go there, we hit up Hodge Podge since it was closer, but it was flooded with a gaggle of girls. We tried to go over to Lime and wait for the girls to clear out but then realized they just ate at Versailles and were just hanging out. So we went back over to order except... The cops showed up, flashing lights and all. and not just one cop but like 4 cop cars. If you live in Miami and you drove along 8th and saw that many cars parked...first thought would be that there was a shooting at Versailles, not an illegally parked giant truck with a pig printed on the side. So back over to The Lime truck while Hodge Podge figures things out.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lime Food Truck

The Food Network's Great Food Truck Race is filming the finale in Miami this weekend!! The finalists that are in town are The Lime Truck(Irvine) and Hodge Podge(Cleveland). I have to admit that I haven't not really been following what is going on until Thursday; so this is my account of the food and what I experienced, without much previous knowledge of either truck. I think I have to split this into a few different blogs, including a transcribed convo between me and Ted. This is the first time I'm including prices in there, but you will see why in the Hodge Podge blog.

I went to The Lime Truck this morning. When I say went to, I mean I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth and ran out the door because I saw they were about 2 miles away(I was planning to go later anyways). As happy as I was that they were in North Miami, its probably not the most popular place. They were at Haulover as well I believe, but unless there is a big Kite or dragonboat event or something, that place isn't too kicking usually. So I showed up in a huge rush (I didn't want to miss it!) and the truck was closed- I was pretty worried. They showed up(with a load of camera peeps) at noon and got serving! Yea!

I got the blue crab and scallop cerviche($10) and the bar snacks($6) which were garbanzo beans with mint, lime, and olive oil (it comes with feta too, but I was with the vegan so no go on cheese); also got the mango limeade for a drink.

The cerviche was served with homemade tortilla chips that were a little on the greasy side. The cerviche had huge chunks of scallops mixed with blue crab meat in a vinaigrette that could have used a little more kick/flavor,but then I'm used to the Peruvian style, like at Mi Peru. There was actually a Peruvian lady selling salsas, guacs, and cerviches next to them, but after tasting her salsa and quac she probably wouldn't fare well against the truck. Overall the cerviche was pretty damn good. Although, I don't think I can have cerviche for breakfast on a regular basis.

The garbanzo beans were very nice and creative. The mint was an interesting touch. I really like seeing healthy options on food trucks!!

See next post!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Taqueria Morelia

Easiest way to find this place is to look for the Valero gas station that is attached to. I've had a number of great meals at spots attached to gas stations: fried chicken in Key West, organic vegan turkish in Jupiter, etc so not too worried. This place is packed right now and it's 3 pm... I think that's a good sign right?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kabobji - North Miami

Groupon had led me to a great middle eastern spot!! (with great veg/vegan options!).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Dutch Pot - Akee and saltfish

I've been craving akee and saltfish since I went to The Dutch Pot earlier this week and have been obsessively trying to figure out how I can get there for breakfast. I finally went today and they were almost out!! I got a half serving(a big half serving) and they mixed the other half with mackerel(which I looooove).

Saigon City

This is actually the place that got me to get the blogger app. I've been to a good number of Vietnamese places in south Florida and this one of the better ones. The only downfall is that they don't have salty plum soda!!
There's various places that have yummy things(like the one down the street that has the best salty plum or in north Lauderdale where they have a cheesecake factory size menu) but this one has great food overall.

They have very unique vegetarian dishes that I haven't seen else where. Andrew got the Ginger and scallion wheat gluten, which has that classic Ginger scallion flavor that I've had with streamed fish, but I guess is not common for vegetarian dishes. It was a huge serving it tasted great!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bacon sunflower seeds

Bacon flavored food. Uhmmm yum?!?!

Pretty good for sunflower seeds (I also like the dill pickle flavored ones so I'm a little extreme). One thing that is a little disappointing- not all the seeds are covered in bacon flavored; most of them are just salty. But when you get a bacon one, man is it good.

So far I have only found these at sports authority. Is it weird to go there only for sunflower seeds?

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm back!

I finally got a blog app for my phone! Now I can blog while on the ------ jk. Kinda.

Meal today is from Dutch pot jamaican cuisine. I had every intention to order tripe and beans but when I saw the cow's foot, I couldn't resist. I got a medium, a giant medium, and it came with salad(more like a pickled slaw) and rice and peas. I like to think I can eat a fair amount and I barely made a dent in the meal. To be fair, I also ordered a large gungo pea soup.

The cows feet(has homestyle dumplings too) was good, nice flavor similar to the brown sauce I think. Texture wise, it was very soft with loads of skin, fat and collagen. Almost too rich for me actually. Rice and peas were great; the salad added a nice counter as it was tart and crunchy. Of course, I doused heavily with hot sauce.

The soup was very good; chunks of beef, root veggies, dumplings, thyme, etc. Seems like a jamaican sancocho(less animals tho).

What surprised me about the meal is the sweetness that both dishes had; very interesting, unexpected and delish.

The place looks raw, but food and portions are great. They also had grain nut ice cream. I use a lifeline and phone a friend to find out that it's vanilla ice cream with a nut similar to pistachio. Next time- ice cream! And
Akee next time too! They breakfast look superb!

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Location:The Dutch Pot