Monday, May 30, 2011

Taqueria Morelia

Easiest way to find this place is to look for the Valero gas station that is attached to. I've had a number of great meals at spots attached to gas stations: fried chicken in Key West, organic vegan turkish in Jupiter, etc so not too worried. This place is packed right now and it's 3 pm... I think that's a good sign right?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kabobji - North Miami

Groupon had led me to a great middle eastern spot!! (with great veg/vegan options!).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Dutch Pot - Akee and saltfish

I've been craving akee and saltfish since I went to The Dutch Pot earlier this week and have been obsessively trying to figure out how I can get there for breakfast. I finally went today and they were almost out!! I got a half serving(a big half serving) and they mixed the other half with mackerel(which I looooove).

Saigon City

This is actually the place that got me to get the blogger app. I've been to a good number of Vietnamese places in south Florida and this one of the better ones. The only downfall is that they don't have salty plum soda!!
There's various places that have yummy things(like the one down the street that has the best salty plum or in north Lauderdale where they have a cheesecake factory size menu) but this one has great food overall.

They have very unique vegetarian dishes that I haven't seen else where. Andrew got the Ginger and scallion wheat gluten, which has that classic Ginger scallion flavor that I've had with streamed fish, but I guess is not common for vegetarian dishes. It was a huge serving it tasted great!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bacon sunflower seeds

Bacon flavored food. Uhmmm yum?!?!

Pretty good for sunflower seeds (I also like the dill pickle flavored ones so I'm a little extreme). One thing that is a little disappointing- not all the seeds are covered in bacon flavored; most of them are just salty. But when you get a bacon one, man is it good.

So far I have only found these at sports authority. Is it weird to go there only for sunflower seeds?

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm back!

I finally got a blog app for my phone! Now I can blog while on the ------ jk. Kinda.

Meal today is from Dutch pot jamaican cuisine. I had every intention to order tripe and beans but when I saw the cow's foot, I couldn't resist. I got a medium, a giant medium, and it came with salad(more like a pickled slaw) and rice and peas. I like to think I can eat a fair amount and I barely made a dent in the meal. To be fair, I also ordered a large gungo pea soup.

The cows feet(has homestyle dumplings too) was good, nice flavor similar to the brown sauce I think. Texture wise, it was very soft with loads of skin, fat and collagen. Almost too rich for me actually. Rice and peas were great; the salad added a nice counter as it was tart and crunchy. Of course, I doused heavily with hot sauce.

The soup was very good; chunks of beef, root veggies, dumplings, thyme, etc. Seems like a jamaican sancocho(less animals tho).

What surprised me about the meal is the sweetness that both dishes had; very interesting, unexpected and delish.

The place looks raw, but food and portions are great. They also had grain nut ice cream. I use a lifeline and phone a friend to find out that it's vanilla ice cream with a nut similar to pistachio. Next time- ice cream! And
Akee next time too! They breakfast look superb!

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Location:The Dutch Pot