Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Dutch Pot - Akee and saltfish

I've been craving akee and saltfish since I went to The Dutch Pot earlier this week and have been obsessively trying to figure out how I can get there for breakfast. I finally went today and they were almost out!! I got a half serving(a big half serving) and they mixed the other half with mackerel(which I looooove).

It came with your choice of boiled bananas, boiled dumplings, or fried dumplings. They were almost out of the bananas too!! I got a mix of the three.

The food was delish but the mackerel was on the greasy side. I had to pour out alot of oil. But man... The dumplings w saltfish - wow!! The fried was crunchy outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The boiled dumplings were my fave. Dense and chewy.

Akee is soft with the consistency of scramble eggs. It really takes on the saltfish flavor. It can be poisonous so I'm pretty sure they are using canned.

A small is $12; by far the most expensive thing they have on the menu but well worth it.

Also, the server I had was really really nice so those other reviewers who bash their service need to go there or breakfast!!

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