Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hodge Podge

Well.. this the continuation of The Lime Truck Dinner blog. So we finished eating the Lime Truck Food and the trucks were on the move again. Hodge Podge was suppose to be headed to La Moon (ugh, don't get me started; I like the food but had a few iffy experiences) down the street...with a full police escort. Pretty amusing to watch this go on, especially considering the area. So we left a few minutes after them, passed them driving down the street and came to a full stop because we weren't going to lose sight of this truck. So we pulled into the street by that really ghetto McDonalds on 29th and 8th and Hodge Podge is actually parked on Calle Ocho facing the wrong way on a one way. Just to set up the scene here, this is a pretty tore up block. As we were crossing the street, we were overcome by the most rank garbage water smell ever; I mean it was disgusting. We ran across the street frogger style because we couldn't handle the smell any more. Why am I writing this? Because I had one of the best dishes ever while sitting on a sidewalk there. Oh the irony.

This is attempt #3 at ordering from Hodge Podge (part of the fun of chasing these trucks down!). We got the Tartare Wontons(3 for $15), sweet potato tator tots($4)and a passionfruit lemonade ($2). Here we go...

Tartare Wontons. Well. Talk about a perfect dish for Miami; really should have been named the Big Three. A winning combo of 3 individually amazing items.(Go Heat!!) It was Angus Beef tartare, foie gras, and black truffle. Enough said.

Just kidding. As a reminder, I'm sitting with Ted on a sidewalk on 8th street at 11:30PM facing a nasty McDonald's. We got our food and sat down. The tartare was served with fried wonton wrappers on the side, it was pretty and apparently we got the last one! The smell was overwhelming, pungent with anticipation. I mean holy cannoli, truffles galore!! This dish was stacked with slices (!) black truffles(!)(OMG.... I'm drooling)(!) Seriously generous with the truffle. Truffle. Any haters that think truffles are overrated-back off... just walk away. Okay back to the food. We sat for a while and sniffed our food. We poked at it, and smelled it some more (more drool) and finally took a bite sans wonton. Oh man... was it good. raw beef bound together with foie gras and topped with black truffle and micro greens. Every time I chewed, I got a new sensation. The first thing to hit is the smell of truffles, then the soft creamy texture of the tartare and then the flavors start to mix and its like an explosion. After the first bite, we sat there in silence. Nothing needed to be said, and it would ruin the moment. The world was at peace, I was in heaven even as bass-pounding cars drove by. We sat like that for a few minutes as we slowly came back to reality. Each bite was an experience and ever changing. We tried it with the wonton; it seemed to be more of a vehicle to eat the tartare than the name implies. I'm cool with my plastic fork. I apologize for this entry being a bit more unfocused than usual but there was so much going on. I mean I'm sitting on a sidewalk eating an amazing dish(that should be way more than $15) with a plastic fork.

Ok focus! It's hard for me to describe tartare beside amazing. This is up to par with my all time fave which happens to be another tartare from Cleveland. If you haven't had it before, put on your big boy pants and dig in. It's incredible and even better with the foie gras and truffles. I'm done. Here is Ted
"To chew on truffle is something that you don't do. This is an incredible experience. Each one is so good on its own, and this guy shaved off an incredible mount of truffles on here. This is amazing. Tartare, foie gras, come on! winning combo!" I watched him lick the plate. I almost challenged him to a thumbwrestling match for the rights to do it.

The sweet potato tator tots were not as impressive even though they were topped with slices of truffles as well. Reading the menu again, it might be better with the original truffle oil; the slices were almost wasted on it, it didn't add much. We dipped the tots into the Lime Truck's mayo and that was great.

Crazy good, but I'm going back tomorrow to try some of the more "normal" items. There is no way a truck can serve that tartar for $15 and still be profitable. Thus, read the next blog on how the trucks compared to each other.

Wait, did I just at raw beef of a truck on Calle Ocho?

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