Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lime Food Truck

The Food Network's Great Food Truck Race is filming the finale in Miami this weekend!! The finalists that are in town are The Lime Truck(Irvine) and Hodge Podge(Cleveland). I have to admit that I haven't not really been following what is going on until Thursday; so this is my account of the food and what I experienced, without much previous knowledge of either truck. I think I have to split this into a few different blogs, including a transcribed convo between me and Ted. This is the first time I'm including prices in there, but you will see why in the Hodge Podge blog.

I went to The Lime Truck this morning. When I say went to, I mean I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth and ran out the door because I saw they were about 2 miles away(I was planning to go later anyways). As happy as I was that they were in North Miami, its probably not the most popular place. They were at Haulover as well I believe, but unless there is a big Kite or dragonboat event or something, that place isn't too kicking usually. So I showed up in a huge rush (I didn't want to miss it!) and the truck was closed- I was pretty worried. They showed up(with a load of camera peeps) at noon and got serving! Yea!

I got the blue crab and scallop cerviche($10) and the bar snacks($6) which were garbanzo beans with mint, lime, and olive oil (it comes with feta too, but I was with the vegan so no go on cheese); also got the mango limeade for a drink.

The cerviche was served with homemade tortilla chips that were a little on the greasy side. The cerviche had huge chunks of scallops mixed with blue crab meat in a vinaigrette that could have used a little more kick/flavor,but then I'm used to the Peruvian style, like at Mi Peru. There was actually a Peruvian lady selling salsas, guacs, and cerviches next to them, but after tasting her salsa and quac she probably wouldn't fare well against the truck. Overall the cerviche was pretty damn good. Although, I don't think I can have cerviche for breakfast on a regular basis.

The garbanzo beans were very nice and creative. The mint was an interesting touch. I really like seeing healthy options on food trucks!!

See next post!

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