Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Lime Truck (Dinner)

Later on the same day, I went back to the food truck with Ted Z.; this is when I actually planned to go. We got lucky and both were in front of Versailles on Calle Ocho!! When we go there, we hit up Hodge Podge since it was closer, but it was flooded with a gaggle of girls. We tried to go over to Lime and wait for the girls to clear out but then realized they just ate at Versailles and were just hanging out. So we went back over to order except... The cops showed up, flashing lights and all. and not just one cop but like 4 cop cars. If you live in Miami and you drove along 8th and saw that many cars parked...first thought would be that there was a shooting at Versailles, not an illegally parked giant truck with a pig printed on the side. So back over to The Lime truck while Hodge Podge figures things out.

Ted and I got the Ahi Poke Tuna Nachos($13), Shishito Peppers($5) and the Chicken Croguettes($6). The Ahi Poke Tuna Nachos intrigued me since they had fresh wasabi(yum, reminds me of Naoe), but there were so many layers that I couldn't taste the wasabi, incuding passionfruit mango blood orange honey puree(!), edamame, guac, fresh wasabi, and of course tuna and chips. Don't get me wrong, this is great stuff. The edamame adds a nice texture to the softness of the tuna and guac and crispy chips, but at one point, Ted had to stop me and say, hey just taste the chip with the sauce. It worked very well together, but there was quite a bit going on that you couldn't taste the special ingredient. The ingredients were nice and clean and fresh, again, somewhat healthy compared to the deep fried/cheesy/meaty/heavy things that I see in most trucks here. Here is Ted:
"Looking back, you couldn't really distinguish what was what. The layers were just that, separate entities." He liked it, alot; I just picked the negative statement cuz I'm playing devil's advocate.

Shishito Peppers I have had at Sushi Chef so I'll let Ted tell his story. The peppers are sweet and sprinkled with lime salt. The lime adds a really nice kick, yum. Okay, here is Ted:
"The peppers were something I never had before and I never really thought of cooking peppers it's own stand alone side dish; like just peppers. They were perfectly cooked with crispy edges. I was dipping the truffle mayo even though it was an awful flavor combo but I couldn't have enough of both flavors." He later admitted to me that he used to dip chocolate chip cookies in clam chowder because he liked both things separately so much that he, again, couldn't have enough of either.

Chicken Croquettes...This is a interesting item to serve in Miami, especially Calle Ocho. I mean, there are croquettas on, literally, every street corner. But there were amazing, very well cooked- crispy outside with flavorful creamy inside. The breading was pretty key, they didn't have any soggy part. It went straight from crispy, not greasy at all, to creamy inside. I was very impressed at how light they kept this entire dish. The truffle mayo was killer. I mean they need to bottle it and sell it. Very light mayo with loads of truffle flavor. It was a perfect combo to the Croquettes. We actually kept the mayo throughout the night and used it on everything; its currently sitting on Andrew's turntable at the Electric Pickle. Here is Ted again:
"This is just stupid good. Perfect texture and flavor but more savory and delicious than usual, and I eat a lot of coquettes. If it makes any sense, they taste more chickeny. Maybe I'm useful the frozen ones. It was the hottest[temperature] thing I have ever put in my mouth. Mayo should be slurped with a straw."

The guys there were so nice and fun. Go check them out if you get a chance. I'm going back tomorrow while they are still in town!

One more quote from Ted.
"It's sad to say and almost embarrassing, but I think the mayo was the most impressive thing I had all night(including hodgepodge). At least in terms of something new and life changing. I mean mayonnaise with truffle oil. Brilliant. I don't think I can ever eat mayonnaise again."

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