Sunday, June 5, 2011

Truck off

I'm an accountant by nature so I'm pretty logical.

I tried 5 things at The Lime Truck and 2 things at Hodge Podge. By far my favorite dish was the Tartare, but I don't know if it's even fair to compare that since I think it's almost impossible to serve that for $15 and still make a profit. If it's a competition and that profit doesn't matter then hands down Hodge Podge purely for that dish.
I wasn't impressed by the tator tots and I think the Lime Truck is much more realistic on day to day basis. I think the only way to really figure it out is to go back tomorrow and try more. Ted says "this was a truly memorable experience, I'm going to tell my kids about this night"

Here's some highlights from our convo that I recorded with my phone(I missed most of the convo on The Lime Truck but we had great things to say):

WC:. He was so generous with the truffle, like bring it on!, which almost makes me feel like its not fair.
TZ: To chew on truffle is something you don't do.
WC: The Lime Truck made use of common ingredients accessible to everyday people. Except for the fresh wasabi.
TZ: The problem I had with the wasabi, is that you couldn't taste the specialness of the special ingredient. I could sit there with the Tartare and say thats it, there's the steak, there's the fois gras, there's the truffle.
WC: It makes you want to chew the recommended 33 times just to have the full experience. The wonton didn't do much, it was a vehicle, a way to eat it.
TZ: Tartare with plastic fork.
WC: We tried 3 things from Lime and 2 from Hodge Podge, and we didn't eat much of the tots. The truffle didn't do anything for the tots.
TZ: No nothing... and they were large pieces of truffle, I felt like I was ruining
them by eating them with tator tots.
WC: Things are kinda stacked in your favor if you throw truffles on everything.
TZ: The tartare is a whole experience. Fuck yeah. That's all you need, those three. It's like greek yogurt, honey, and nuts. How do you mess that up?
WC: Yep, as long as the quality of the ingredients are there.
TZ: The guy shaved off a ton of truffle.
WC: He was going at it.
TZ: Of course we're going to be like [both do drooling zombie noises]
WC: I think we have to go back tomorrow to really compare. Like get more normal things, like the tacos. I do love that Lime has veggies and is veg/vegan friendly.
TZ: and different veggie options. It's crucial to get comparable items.

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