Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mi peru

Many thanks to Mars for introducing me to this place. Great place w incredibly horrible music (it's been bad every time we come here). The food will outweigh anything negative. Quick waiters will bring you hot rolls w the green spicy sauce while you ponder the menu.

There's lots of cool stuff on the menu like grilled veal hearts (?!) & tiger milk but if it's your first time here, get the ceviche mixto, Peruvian corn, ocopa, and jalea.

The cerviche is classic; basic but perfection. Tender chunks of fish, squid, octopus marinated in lime juice and served w sweet potato, yuca and friend corn. Loads of onions on top- eat them they are important to the dish.

The Peruvian corn is amazing; very starchy and GIANT. The flavor and consistency is completely unlike the normal sweet corn. Must try. Why do we only have 1 variety of corn at the supermarkets?!

We didn't get the jalea this time but it's great. Their fried yuca is excellent; creamy inside and crispy ouside- light and airy, none of that super greasy heaviness. Will update as we come back.

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