Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hot Pot in Hollywood; the Asian Fondue

Another great meal for the eating club! Major thanks to Amanda for snagging the Groupon (and for the extending an invite to the club).  I have a little nervous about this place because the online reviews weren't very good.  However the place is new and it seems like those reviews were during their growing pains because our food was excellent.
Our appetizer - Garlic Edemame

For those of you who have not had Hot Pot before, this is the Asian fondue (coq au vin style).  I used to have hot pot all the time at home and Mama Chen makes a mean hot pot.  Standards were set pretty high and this place came close (it's my mom, I can't say anything is better than her cooking).

We had the Hot Pot Groupon for 6 (we actually only had 5 people there) and so we had our choice of 4 different broths (there is only 3 types to choose from), 5 meats, 2 starches and 3 veggies.

We went for half and half of the house special and the spicy on each pot.  Our waitress recommended that we don't get the veggie unless we were hard core vegans- advice taken and thank you.  The house broth was great - savory and salty, it seemed to have notes of miso.  I could just drink that plain.  The spicy was a bit more sour, reminiscent of a Korean kim chee soup.   Keep in mind that the flavor profile of the broths will change as the hot pot goes on and you can also adjust by using the sauces (some sort of fishy 'BBQ' sauce and the hot sauce).

We got the bok choy, napa cabbage and enoki mushrooms for our veggies; meats were beef, chicken, scallops, meat balls, and shrimp.  Our starches were mung bean noodles and rice noodles.  My only recommendation is to skip the chicken; it's too difficult to properly cook it without turning into a rubbery mess.  Everything else was great.

This is a great meal to share with friends.  It's interactive and social and there's so much going on.  You can cook our own food, scavenge for other people's forgotten bits, or sip on delish soup.  Highly recommend and they're going to be adding more to their menu and have a karaoke room!

Dessert - Beignets!

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