Tuesday, June 5, 2012

11th street annex

After a solid year of listening to Mike talk about this place, I finally made my way over. I knew it was going to be hidden but I did not expect it to be in a house... With a garage...! How neat! It seemed a little shady walking in but the ladies here are so sweet!! One of them came up immediately and walked me through the menu of the day.

As I waited for my tuna burger, I had a chance to check out the decor of the house. It's kitschy; definitely like someone's grandmas house (not mine, Chinese grandmas decorate totally differently). There's odd objects and books strewn about and a few tables set up in what would be the living room. It's homey, inviting, and comforting.  There is a small sign above the hand written menu that says "Today's menu.  Take it or Leave it".   I'll take two please!
I ordered the Thai Tuna Burger with green papaya slaw.  The papaya slaw was orange and there were heavy hints of the classic papaya salad flavors in the burger.  It also came with a macaroni salad.  The tuna was a baked mixture of seasoned tuna(canned, I believed), green onion, garlic, and oodles of peanuts. I would never think to put peanuts in a tuna patty but man oh man, it works.  A touch of mayo, a slice of tomato and a kaiser roll compete the burger.  It's spectacular.

The macaroni salad is interesting as well.  It is not mayo based but has big chunks of cheddar and some sort of white cheese mixed with olives relish and celery - excellent.  The papaya salad is refreshing.

On a separate note, I'm back on blogging.  With my Check, please! episode next week, I thought this would be a great time to get back into the swing of things.  I'll post my Don Arturo's reviews soon.

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